Jurassic War Romek Tribe bannerFrom the Lion hunt of king Ashurbanipal:
A musician with a plectrum plays a triumphant tune on a seven-stringed horizontal harp; there is another man beside him, perhaps a singer, unless we are to envisage a second harp. The tall stand is for burning incense. An elaborate table or altar, laid with a cloth, holds a bowl containing a leg of meat and a jaw, what may be a bunch of onions, and a smaller container. The king himself is pouring a libation, which the caption tells us is wine, over the bodies of four lions.
The musicians are most likely eunuchs. The image out of context looks like a teleporting man with a wand though.

Tribe of ROMACK – Primitive Year 1013

Primitive men living at the south pole far from the land came to apprehend the short-distance momentary space shifting, based on the techniques that were used at hunting. They lived peacefully without fighting. But earthquakes often occurred and the weather was so cold that they wanted to move to a land which is warm and peaceful.

While traveling for the land on boats, they found the Jurassic Island, and they knew that the Island was much safer than the south pole which was often visited by natural calamities.

They were very pleased with their finding and came to form a village in the Island. They didn’t have much power, but they lived peacefully doing hunting. But they didn’t know that there had been other tribe on the Jurassic Island until then.

The name of the tribe was the “Romack”.

The Romek, or Romack, are the last tribe to arrive on the Island. They come from the South Pole and settle in the southern wasteland, in the year 1013.

Their magicians, Rangers, have a set of spells related to exploration and journeys.

They are said to be physically weak and peaceful. Slow early game is „balanced” by the overpowered late game spells. Likewise, it is hard for them to win the first missions, and a breeze to take on the whole Island by themselves in the end.
Coming from a freezing cold land; struggling to survive on a barren part of an otherwise lush and fertile island; pitched against the Masai, a bloodthirsty and already established foe – the Romek tribe are the underdogs of Jurassic War.

Eye of the DragonTheir legendary item is the Eye of the Dragon, which boosts Magic Points regeneration when held by a Ranger.

Against other tribes

Their first encountered enemy, the Masai, are hard to beat early, and an easy job once Rangers learn Resurrection Magic; which is very late, only ever in the eighth mission. United, both clans enjoy a rather surprising synergy. The aggresive Masai are best left to hunt and defend the base with their Iron Shields, while the teleporting peace-loving Rangers are happily sent to decimate (and resurrect) the enemies.

The other tribes in the east are the Tyrano and the Canus. The Tyrano troops are checked by bonus damage of both the Ranger attacks and the spears of the Masai. The Canus are a challenge with all their experienced elves and the outright broken legendary item, but Boomerangs and Resurrection can quickly turn Canus’s troops against them.

Against the Koaka, the Romek win by a large margin. The Ranger attacks are deadly to Koaka. The Moonlight Sword is dangerous to spellcasters, but first a Warrior must catch a Ranger, and that’s difficult.

Against the Radumba, the Romek must take care not to get stunned, as it prevents teleportation. Otherwise, neither have a direct advantage. Rangers inflict more damage to Commoners and Muscle-Men, but the Radumba mostly utilise Warriors, as they make good bowmen.

Against the Muspel, the Romek must take care, as they have little health to tank the harmful spells. Teleporting works only against Fireballs and Poison Clouds. Superior VP helps to maintain range, but training OP and HP is a must.

Against the Kumba, the Romek must again make use of their superior range and teleport away from the deadly Boomerangs. Bonus Ranger damage against Kumba’s troops helps in trimming those massive health bars.


Overall, it is one of the best clans in my opinion. Spells are powerful in Jurassic War.
Quick scouting, bonus against Dinosaurs and Primitive Men, rapid teleporting which opens up unique tactical and exploration possibilities, and the overpowered Resurrection spell, which can turn the tide of any battle. The Romek must train a lot to learn these spells though, and while their Rangers are cheap and strong, they lack the raw firepower and health, and must rely on teleporting to survive. They are fun to play, and stealing enemies’ heroes saves time normally spent on capturing their buildings and training other tribes’ units from scratch.

Other stuff

Their building style is round-shaped, with spikes and spheres everywhere. They remind me of igloos, maybe rightly so, as the Romeks come from the South Pole. Their Sanctuary is a huge igloo, looking like a lab device with a focusing crosshair in the middle. Their Barracks are bloody and look like a cage or a fight pit, but their Ranger Training looks like a place of learning, with golden hands holding a globe, surrounded by scrolls, hourglasses, maps and plumage. Their unique unit, the Ranger, is a bald, big eared gnome, with a whopping amount of VP for someone with such short legs. Their origin and relation with humans is not explained anywhere (maybe in the manual?). Rangers become tall, fast, melee short-swordsmen elves with teleporting powers in the sequel.

Their color, pink, is an illusory color. It doesn’t exist in the rainbow! It symbolises love, self love, detachment and attachment. It is a mild, peaceful color of flowers, not war. Traditionally attributed to girls, while light blue is a boys’ color. In the old days these were reversed though, with pink being the boyish color (a lighter red, which is the color of war), and light blue the girly color (the color of the gowns of high priestesses of Avalon, and later of Saint Mary. Symbolising purity and innocence, while also power.). Pink is easy to obtain by crushing rocks.

Their alignment is good and peaceful. They strive to learn, to uncover secrets and explore. Their spells have a nice, blue crosshair, like the Canus’s. The Resurrection spell also makes any unit instantly defect to their side, so yeah.

Romek Ambience

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