The first game-original animation produced in Korea. It is a 15-minute, 26-episode Korean animation that aired every Wednesday from September 11, 2002. It was produced with a total investment of 2.25 billion won by forming a consortium with four companies: Raon Pictures, a production company, Wizard Soft, a game company, YB Partners, a broker, and RGP in France. Niura was planned and produced as an animation for children with an elf girl as the main character, but it was not well known and was rerun several times on Touniverse. The voice actors are Choi Deok-hee, Lee Seon-ju, Yoon Seong-hye, Ahn Jang-hyeok, Park Ji-hoon, Lee In-seong, and Kim Ki-hyun. It is estimated that the current material itself is being preserved by the production company, but there was only an opening on the net… There are only posts on this blog from episodes 1 to 10. After episode 10, the blog owner said he couldn’t find any more.
At one time, the theatrical animation Warrior Ryan was known as the first original game animation. However, Warrior Ryan belongs not to a game-based video, but to a video made like a game. Assuming that the production period for an animation for the theatrical version is approximately three to four years, it is realistically impossible for an animation to be produced and released right after the game is released in the same year. Therefore, the first game „based” animation in Korea is Jurassic Primitive War.

Here is the first episode in Korean on Naver.

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