Primitive Wars

Developer: Tric, Wizard Soft

Release year: 2001.5
Originally, Jurassic Primeval 2 was a game that was supposed to be developed by Tric. It started development in 1997 and was planned to be distributed by SKC. It was being developed for over two years, and if the advertisement at the time was true, it was a huge game that cost 750 million won in development alone. Jurassic Primeval 2, which was made by Tric, shows a very different appearance from the version currently in circulation, but when Wizard Soft became independent from SKC, the copyright was transferred to Wizard. Thus, Jurassic Proto-War 2 was overturned, and it was not until 2001 that it was made entirely new. I heard that Tric has later merged.

Jurassic Primeval 2, released in 2001, was honored with the Excellence Award at the 2001 Korea Game Awards hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, but the box office did not live up to expectations. As the development period of nearly five years has passed, a development cost of 3.5 billion won (according to the distributors) was invested, and sales were said to have recorded 50,000 copies. Overseas sales are said to have shown good performance. Unlike the previous work, the number of races was greatly reduced and reduced to four races, and the introduction of role-playing elements, graphics, and artificial intelligence were significantly improved compared to the previous work. There was also a league at one time, but it was lost to history due to lack of popularity.

The sequel, Primitive Wars swerved back into a starcraft-like gameplay compared to Jurassic War.

Four factions, Primitives, Tyrano, Elves and Demons vie for control over Jurassic Island, centuries after wars of the first game.

There are many changes – Primitives employ ten-foot-giants, blimps and ballistae, Tyranos are a race of shapeshifting mutant dinosaurs, Elves can summon dragons and unicorns, and Demons are literal demons from hell, able to raise undead. They also have a curious mechanic called KP – kill points. It is a single pool, HP and MP combined, used to cast spells and replenished when scoring a kill.

All in all, the game saw limited success in Europe, but it has a loyal following in Korea. They still make custom maps, mod the game and hold tournaments.

Primitive shipWell, not so primitive after all


Cheats I found online:

where am i? – open the whole map

eat berry berry – Get 10.000 berries

i got a power – get upgraded units to the tenth level

skip the scenario – Skip the scenario

show ending story – end the game

Transitions to new levels, respectively:

go stage # 1

go stage # 2

go stage # 3

go stage # 4

go stage # 5

go stage # 6

go stage # 7

go stage # 8

go stage # 9

go stage # 10

go stage # 11

go stage # 12

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