Pre-alpha demo

The pre-alpha demo called Jurassic Primitive War was „released” in 1995, a year before proper Jurassic War. You can choose one of three tribes and try to capture the sanctuaries of other two.

What’s different? Graphics and sounds are less refined, that’s for sure. Buildings are indestructible and accessible by everyone. There is a 20-people limit per clan, and specific stat limits for each clan too. Every caveman can learn and cast spells, wield weapons and capture a sanctuary.

As you can see from the screenshots attached above, the difference between the demo version and the full version is significant. First of all, the graphics and BGM are completely different (the sound effects of the units are generally similar, but the sound is slightly different), and the way the game progresses is also very different, giving the impression that it is a different game. For example, in the alpha version there is no concept of a unit unique to each tribe, and instead it is divided into a format that differs in the distribution of abilities of primitive people (for example, some tribes have strong defense, some tribes have strong attack power, and some tribes have strong magical power). The basic gist of hunting, training, collecting food, and equipping the equipment produced in the forge is the same, but it does not mean that certain tribes cannot use the forge, and likewise universal is magic (however, the types of weapons/equipment and magic available for each tribe are different).

Above all, the decisive difference from the full version is that to use facilities such as a blacksmith, you have to send a primitive man into the building one by one to purchase the necessary items. Even food storage or additional unit production is carried out in this way. And there is a building that exists only in the demo, where you can pay food and improve the VP or MP of a primitive man instantly.
For reference, although there is an 8 tribe system in the demo, there are only 3 tribes implemented in the game: Koaka (specializes in defense), Akara (specializes in stamina/attack power), and Romek (specializes in balance/magic power). Neutral creatures that can be hunted include wolves, leopards, lions, tigers, elephants, luthiodon, velociraptors, and deinonychus.

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