The difficulty setting affects many things.
Easy difficulty makes enemies and neutral units weaker (only until they respawn), and adds 5000 food to your account at start.
Hard difficulty makes those units stronger (again, they respawn with medium difficulty default stats). On hard, AI attacks ceaselessly.
There is only medium difficulty available in multiplayer.

Random tips taken from the Korean wiki:

The effectiveness of the iron shield is unbelievably excellent. When a Cheat Caveman fights a Tyrannosaurus with his bare hands in Easy, his blood goes down to light blue, and when he fights two, his blood goes down to brown. Since it is a perfect counter for melee weapons, if the enemy has a melee weapon, it is advantageous to equip the iron shield first rather than equip the weapon together. However, be careful as it has no effect on magic attacks and is just a piece of paper in front of a legendary weapon.

The Radumba tribe can be a thug with only the presence of their poison, but there is a high probability that they will immediately feel mentally upset in Mission 1. The reason is that as soon as the game starts, the warriors of the Tyranno tribe and the Velociraptor will attack you right in front of you. The way to survive is to quickly select all the troops by dragging as soon as they start and then move to the 11 o’clock position based on the starting point [20]. If you succeed in evading the pursuit, you can form a counterattack right away, or you can hunt to raise the specs of your units and then face off.[21] When the fight starts, don’t forget to shoot one of the samurai and the velociraptor first to catch them quickly. In Easy and Medium difficulty, if you did not lose any troops at first, you may not take much damage if you immediately counterattack. If it’s really hard, let’s raise the unit’s specs first by hunting.[22]

Each tribe is competing against each other. That is the enemy you meet in the 4th mission, and even if you run a scenario with a different race, in the second half of the mission, you’re dealing with the two tribes merged into one. These compositions are the Tyranno-Kanus, Lomek-Masai, Muspel-Kumba, and Radumba-Koaka tribes.

The Kumba tribe is the worst in mission 4. Because the opponent is Muspel lacking morale. If you push with the quantity, the opponent will fire a fireball appropriately, and if you pack a small group, you will be fed with strong skills such as roaring and lightning continuously. You have to go with the right balance. It’s also a good way to use multiple rushes. The most important thing is to deal with the high stat wizards first.

The Kanus Tribe’s Liquor of Life is the most powerful item that an elf can refill with that much mana before the duration of his shield expires. If you see an elf with a drink in the second half of the mission, mobilize a large number of solo soldiers or take over the Muspel tribe and produce a wizard to deal with it. Another way is to take advantage of the system’s automatic use of magic. It is a method of depleting MP by hitting other units and making the elves with the liquor of life use magic.

High-level Warlocks are units optimized for destroying enemy villages. If you just throw it in the middle of the enemy camp, shake it with an earthquake until your stamina is almost depleted, and then finish it off with self-destruct, you can destroy not only the food hut but also the training camp. If two or three people terrorize in a row and blow up the enemy’s hut and temple at once, the enemy will melt. For reference, you know that if you press self-destruct once, you will die, but if you click continuously, you can self-destruct up to 9 times (!). In addition, there is a bug similar to the ranger item copy bug that can save 0 blood if you move the warlock according to the timing after self-destruction.

Magic unit’s normal attack ignores the opponent’s shield effect. For humans and dinosaurs, the legendary weapon that is like a grim reaper + A Named with a moon or sun shield can be quickly caught with several properly raised rangers. Conversely, while attacking the Romek tribe with one or two humans armed with legendary items, you may accidentally hit the building and be swept away [23], so be careful not to touch the building recklessly.

If only the enemy’s food huts and temples are destroyed by terrorism, the enemy moves the entire army when the food runs out. If the difficulty is Hard, it will attack. If it is Easy or Normal, it will move or attack the hunting ground depending on the growth level of the enemy hunter. You can use this as a strategy. In particular, in the early missions, the computer draws 3 stages at a time while the player selects the 1st stage special unit, so basically, if you fight in the enemy field with fast replenishment of troops, you will be pushed back by 100 or 100. In the case of Radumba, there are many cases where they mass-produced only samurai with a single sword, but when this happened, they were pushed out at once. Be especially careful when dealing with Masai who use a forge.

Speaking more about the food hut, the difficulty is usually high, and the basic food resources the enemies have will increase significantly as the mission progresses toward the latter half of the mission. There is a trick aiming at this point, and if more than 20 food huts are built and occupying soldiers and aggro + primitive man for stand-by and occupying the enemy’s food huts, at least 100,000 units of food may come in. And if the hut produces the largest amount of food all at once after eating and drinking, there is no loss of food even if the occupied food hut is destroyed. Even if there is no food production, if 100,000 comes in, it is divided by 1/the number of huts, so the number of food lost is only about 5,000.

Occasionally, using the occupying unit causes a lag and crashes the game. As far as possible, when using the occupying unit, do not hold down the building to be occupied. That causes lag.

Construction and occupation troops can also increase their status through battle. It is also possible to use this to train occupants and then turn them into a perverted strategy to attack the enemy. Once all the enemy’s temples are occupied, the opponent cannot construct any more buildings. For reference, the maximum stats obtained by hunting for construction and occupation soldiers are up to the ‚blue stamina’ line.

In fact, the strongest unit is none other than the Primitive Man. The limit of stats does not discriminate between dinosaurs or cavemen, so in the end, primitives using items and magic have an advantage. [24] However, it is rarely possible to raise all the stats of several units to the limit in the first place, and the dinosaurs have twice the attack speed of a primitive man, and the stats at the time of initial production are overwhelming, so it is not out of balance with each other.

Wizards and Warlocks automatically fire when they attack enemies, starting with advanced magic, as soon as they have magical power (in the case of elves, they automatically use recovery magic on allies that have lost blood within the range allowed by their VP). You might think it’s convenient, but there are more inconvenient things. It’s an old game, but it’s understandable that it’s an old game, like repeatedly firing the Wizard’s precious ice magic on one unit, or an unwanted Warlock’s earthquake going to the brink of annihilation. It would have been nice if automatic magic was applied in a toggle format like Warcraft 3 did. Instead, when hunting neutral animals, there are some restrictions in the way that only roaring magic can be used for wild dogs and tigers so as not to waste magical energy unnecessarily.

Rangers from the Romek tribe will unconditionally teleport and escape when fatigue is less than 30%. To prevent this, it is advantageous to lure them from a distance and then rush to catch them, or freeze them with poison arrows or ice magic before catching them. The warp point is random and always returns to counterattack the units that attacked it.

If you wander around the enemy hunting ground for a long time, you will be marked as a hunting target and the enemy hunters will attack you. Even if all enemy hunters are killed, new units are continuously produced and attacked, and when all of the food is consumed, the high-spec units that guarded the base attack in hordes. Be careful as they attack you to death.

When a hut is opened, 1/n of food must fall depending on the number of huts, but in reality it falls more. For example, if you have 10000 food and there are 10 huts, if you explode one of them, you will have to drop 1000, but more will come out. Using this, you can increase the amount of food in the early stages by repeating building and breaking.[25]

The 4 scenarios in which the rival tribe is directly confronted are simple difficulties that correspond to the base expansion and battle tutorial levels in Easy or Normal difficulty. However, in Hard, the difficulty is higher than in the latter scenario, because the units reinforced with the Hard specification attack right away with little time for the player to prepare. Since the AI ​​knows the location of the player units, they rush in without reconnaissance, and the map is small and arrives quickly.[26] In particular, Scenario 4 starts with no core training center, no forge, or no food.

[20] You can go down or go to the 12 o’clock position, but these areas are overcrowded with wildlife.

[21] If you do not hit even one enemy, it will return 100% to its original position, but if you hit even one, there is a low probability that it will follow you to the end.

[22] On the start screen, the mammoth at the 5 o’clock position will drop a fire when caught, and the tiger at the 11 o’clock position will drop a poison bow. If you farm and listen to the units, it becomes very easy to catch the warrior and the velociraptor.

[23] When attacking a building, there is an algorithm that causes many units to move in that direction to protect the building, but in the case of a ranger, there is a teleportation, so 4-5 units at a time, or even ten units if unlucky, sometimes fly.

[24] Dinosaurs with double attack speed are stronger if you use the item mounting bug. Bugs are also a factor in enjoying this old game…

[25] However, if the amount of food in stock exceeds one million units, it will decrease. To explain a little more precisely, the limit of the amount of food that can be produced by breaking one hut is about 130,000 foods, no matter how many and how many huts there are.

[26] Attacks come as soon as the latter scenario starts, but there are cases where they arrive late due to long distances or are blocked by the map, and there are strong neutral animals in the path, which often destroys or disintegrates the troops.

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