Jurassic War Muspel Tribe bannerThe inscription reads:
„I am Ashur-bani-pal, king of hosts, king of Assyria.
In my abounding, princely strength I seized a lion of the desert by his tail,
and at the command of Enurta and Nergal, the gods who are my helpers, I smashed his skull with the axe in my hands.”
He goes on to say ” I am Ashur-bani-pal, king of hosts, king of Assyria, whom Ashur and Belit have endowed with might.
Against the lions that I slew I directed the powerful bow of Ishtar, the lady of battle, and I made an offering and poured out a libation over them.”

Tribe of MOOSPELL – Primitive Year 988

Perox, the god of darkness, hid in the Jurassic Island with his appearance changed after he had defeated in the fighting between gods. Perox intimidated primitive men with his various magic and had a desire to build a new kingdom of his own with some primitive men understand harmful magic to intimidate gods and other primitive men, and called the followers the “Moospell”.

The Muspel are the fourth clan to enter the roster. Year 988. Guided by Perox, the god of darkness, they clearly are a malevolent clan, only shedding their allegiance to the dark god in the last mission.

They use damaging spells to hunt. Their Wizards wield single target magicks while demonic Warlocks cast dangerous area of effect spells.

The Muspel are an easy and fun clan to play. They have eight spells at their disposal and that opens many possibilities. Hunting for food and killing other clans is a breeze. Freezing powerful foes and leveling structures is rewarding, and the vibe of playing the ultimate antagonist of the game pays off in the final mission, when a redemption arc is hinted.
They are very annoying to listen to though due to the Roaring-Sound spells’ high-pitched, uh, sound.

Rock CrystalSkull Stick
Their legendary items are the Rock Crystal and the Skull Stick. These improve the regeneration of MP for Warlocks and Wizards respectively.

Against other tribes

The first clan they encounter are the Kumba. These hardy men are lazy and prefer to pay tribute than fight, but provide a challenge when provoked, too big to just blindly attack. Their Boomerangs deal great damage to all spellcasters, and their Water Shield protects against fire spells… in theory and lore. Because shields do not work against spells whatsoever. Muscle-Men are decent in tanking spell damage despite this, due to their high Health and a variety of foods in armory. It’s not enough to counter a full on attack by the Muspel, as indicated in the lore by the Canus leaving to practice magic capable of doing that.
Freezing enemy heroes and destroying entire armies with a few Earthquakes leaves Kumba with only the classic hit-and-run tactic. All things considered, Both clans have a chance against each other and their strengths combined provide a balanced army. Kumba’s Armory provides a variety of snacks that help recover MP, a useful thing for the Muspel.

The remaining western clans are the Radumba and the Koaka. The Dinosaurs can tank some damage, but Muspel are specialists in damage. Poison-Cloud immune Rhamphorhynchuses can be tackled with Roaring Sound. Warlock AoE spells work best against Radumba mass Poison Arrow Warriors, while sniping of individual heroes is done by freezing and spamming Wizard spells. When guarded by captured Kumba’s Muscle-Men, Muspel can easily overcome Radumba and Koaka opposition.

Against the Tyrano, the Muspel are easily drained, due to the huge health pool of Tyrano’s Dinosaurs. The Muspel are specialists in dealing damage though, so it all comes down to the stats.
On a side note, the Tyrano’s strong buildings are countered by the Muspel’s spellcasters’ bonus damage against buildings.

Against the Canus, the Muspel are at a loss. They receive bonus damage from the Elves’ attacks and their spells are countered by healing magicks. Wizards must freeze the more annoying Elves to have a chance of killing them. Freezing works very good though, and is one of the best ways of dealing with powerful units. Warlock spells are also useful, as the AI doesn’t use mass healing.

Against the Masai, the Muspel must watch out for the Boomerangs. Otherwise, the feeble Masai Warriors are an easy target for the Muspel.

Against the Romek, the Muspel win, if they remember to freeze the more powerful Rangers and unleash their harmful magic on the rest to scatter them.


Overall it is one of the strongest tribes to choose. Spells are powerful in Jurassic War. The Muspel have access to half the spells in the game, and that makes them a very versatile clan. Strong single-target damage spells, strong AoE damage spells and the dreaded Ice spell capable of disabling powerful heroes, annoying Rangers and cheating Elves. All this make the Muspel a force not to be trifled with.

Other stuff

Their building style looks like inspired by Mayan pyramids or Sumerian ziggurats, with a voodoo spider motif for the Wizard Training, and a demonic, bony appearance of the Warlock Training facilities. All these scream of evil, human sacrifice and damnation. Perox, the god of darkness is their patron, but somehow they build upwards, towards the sun, moon and stars.

Wizard workerTheir first spellcaster, the Wizard, is a simple worker for the Elves faction in the sequel. He harvests berries by zapping them and levitates them to base. He can also summon buildings.warlocksequel
Their second spellcaster, the demonic Warlock also makes a comeback in the sequel, complete with similar spells. He becomes a levitating old guy though, despite being a part of the Demon faction.

Their color, orange, is a complementary color, most often paired with green and purple to form a „villain triad”. It is an easy dye to make, one not often considered magical, as it stands in direct opposition to blue on the color wheel. It sparks creativity and hunger.

Their alignment is evil, surpassing even the bloodthirsty Masai. They worship the god of darkness and summon demons for heaven’s sake!

Muspel Ambience

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