Fast hands!

The most important and powerful bug is the fast hands trick. You can use it to build unavailable structures in the Sanctuary, produce unavailable items in Armories, make dinosaurs, builders and sorcerers equip items and even train cheat units like T-Rex and the hidden Brachiosaurus! Great for testing, fooling around with a bunch of T-Rexes, or breaking the game, so be warned :)

Here’s a demonstration.

You need to assign a button donor (a Caveman with a shield for example) and a button abuser (a Dino with a shield) to ctrl-number party shortcuts.

Click on the Caveman’s shield to equip it, but right after your click and before he actually equips it, select the dino via a shortcut number key. Bravo, your dino now uses a shield! Safer, and also kind of terrifying!
Shields are safe to use, but equipping weapons is dangerous, as it may crash the game. The dinos don’t really have a bow animation :)
Bear in mind you still cannot equip a bow and a shield on a single unit.

To craft items and train builders and other units use the same method but with buildings. Select a building that has a button unlocked and quickly change to a building you want to trick. You can safely train not-yet-available levels of units for example. If you try the other tiles, it could possibly lead to a bugged builder with a spellsprite skill, a unit skill or any other that isn’t a building. Clicking on it will inadvertently crash the game!

The T-Rexes are hidden in the Barracks’ penultimate tile. Use Dilophosaurus building button in Tyrano Sanctuary, or Wild Ginseng in an Armory to click the tile, then change quickly to Barracks.
The Celestial Sword is under the last Armory tile. You can „fast hands” it by clicking the Capturer training in the Sanctuary and quickly changing to the Armory.
Using the Capturer button and clicking the last tile in Barracks, a hidden, invisible Brachiosaurus unit will be trained.

The hidden dinos are kind of wild, they wander around randomly and do not have a move command at all. You must attack-move to move them and order them to sleep to make them stay in one place. They will sleep indefinitely.

Food vanishing

If you want to get rid of food quickly, either to postpone winning in the first map or deny it to the enemy, just order a unit to give food to itself. 25% of it will disappear!
I wonder what happens to it…

The following are roughly translated from the Korean Forum:

If you use some unit production bugs or weapon installation bugs, the game may crash frequently. In that case, if you kill a unit made with a bug and unequip a weapon equipped with a bug, it will return cleanly.

Tyranno production bug: The order is as follows.
1) In the case of the Tyranno tribe, click on the temple, and in the case of the Kumba tribe, click the blacksmith and set the unit designation 1. For other tribes, use cheats to make all buildings craftable.
2) The primitive man training center is designated as unit 2.[17]
3) In the case of a building or blacksmith located at the Dilopo Training Center, click units 1 and 2 alternately at the location where wild ginseng is located.
4) Something is produced.
5) Tyrannosaurus appears.[18]

Tyrannosaurus Tribe Named Dinosaur Production: Application of Tyrannosaurus Bugs. Unit designation 1 chooses the temple, and 2 chooses the desired dinosaur training center. The Veloci Training Center consumes 1500 food, and the Trisse Training Center consumes 1800 food. The locations are Trisse Training Center, Dilopo Training Center, and Occupation Soldier, respectively, and special units do not appear in Veloci Training Center and Huts (appears with the same abilities as normal units). Below is an example of creating a named velociraptor.
1) If you activate the bug by clicking on the location of the Trisse Training Center in the temple, a raptor with a higher blood pressure (blue) than the primary raptor and other stats will appear.
2) If you activate the bug by clicking the location of the Dilopho Training Center in the temple, a raptor with higher HP and lower VP and MP than the secondary raptor appears.
3) If you activate the bug by clicking on the position of the occupying unit in the Crusade, a raptor with a significant amount of MP will appear on the HP of the primary raptor, with the OP of the secondary raptor, slightly higher and lower DP and VP.

Crafting Legendary Weapons: Requires a forge. Clans that don’t have one have to build a forge with cheats.
1) The temple and the blacksmith are designated as units 1 and 2, respectively.
2) As in the above Tyranno production bug, take turns in each unit, and click the production location of the occupant of the temple (the location where there is no blacksmith).
3) Something is made in the forge.
4) Legendary weapons of each tribe appear.[19]

Attaching a shield to a dinosaur: Wizards and occupiers use a similar method. Tribes with dinosaurs / wizards do not have a forge, so it is necessary to use cheats.
1) Prepare one friendly primitive unit with a shield (Commoners, Muscle-Men, and Warriors).
2) Prepare one dinosaur that has a shield (it is not possible to equip it by default).
3) Designate them as Units 1 and 2, respectively.
4) Quickly alternate units and click the shield to equip them. In this case, both units’ shields must be in the same slot.
5) Dinosaurs are equipped with shields.
It’s possible to attach weapons to dinosaurs this way… but that’s a problem. In the case of melee dinosaurs, since they only use weapons in melee combat, even if it’s an axe, a sword, or a spear, if a bow or boomerang is equipped, an arrow or boomerang can only be seen flying briefly in melee combat. In other words, even if you attach a ranged weapon, you cannot attack from a distance. Well, I don’t know if I’m going to make a melee stun attack dinosaur with poison arrows, but if that’s the case, it’s more profitable to just add poison arrows to ordinary cavemen. In the case of a ranged character such as Dilophosaurus, it is not possible to use it at all even if it is attached to a weapon due to a bug (the shield is valid).
Also, even when a bow is equipped with a bug, the bow and shield cannot be equipped at the same time as in the case of a general caveman.

Warlock Self-Destruct Bug: A basic bug in Jurassic Primeval War that even those who did not know at first can quickly learn how to self-destruct with Warlock a few times. If you hit the self-destruct button repeatedly without doing anything else, the explosions will occur in a row and you can blow up the entire body in one shot. As a bonus, if you receive the elf’s shield magic and move once before it’s over, the warlock will survive.

Boosting Building Stamina: If you apply continuous recovery (two red lights flashing around) or healing magic to a building during construction, you will exceed the limit of the building’s maximum health. However, when the healing magic is applied, the timing is not right, so when the maximum is exceeded and the building starts from red again, if the building is finished, the building that burns in red will be completed.

Food bug: After putting food in the warehouse, set it to the basic food quantity and click on any item other than food (if you have a blacksmith, you can make a weapon and use it) and put it in the warehouse, the food will be 0. Put this food on the floor When this happens, the food grows and becomes the maximum amount a unit can have (however, if it is eaten in a 0 state, it simply disappears).

Create an invincible Lamporincus
1) After producing a Lamporincus, it flies over the enemy base and passes it.
2) If you place Lamporincus in the middle of a water feature such as a large lake, enemies will flock to the waterfront.
3) If there is no movement while the enemy primitives are gathering, move the Lamporincus to the water near the enemy.
4) Lamporincus immediately recognizes and attacks the enemy after moving.
5) Click on the enemy being attacked to check that their health is decreasing, and when they die, click on Ramporincus to attack immediately.
6) Lamporincus’ stats start to rise automatically, and at this time, the attacked enemies or enemies gathered nearby do not move.
7) When the stats of Lamporincus go up to the maximum (white), growth stops.
8) If you move Lamporincus for a while and then attack it directly, the bug will be resolved.
9) You can try making a unit with several Lamporincus.

Copying an item
1) Learn teleportation magic as a ranger from the Romek tribe.
2) Put the item to be copied into the object that learned the teleportation magic.
3) Attacks the object that has learned the teleportation magic and pans until just before death.
4) If you use teleport at the right timing, it is judged dead and the individual who attacks by dropping the item and food they have will increase their stats, but in fact, they are alive by teleporting.
5) If you adjust the timing such as attack power incorrectly, you will just die as it is.
6) By repeating, you can copy all kinds of legendary weapons.

If you teleport to the max level of a ranger and then hit the last battle as a team, friendly units can reach max level in an instant.

Most of the bugs in Jurassic Primeval War are bugs that use unit designation like this. There are countless other bugs using this unit designation, such as shielded wizards/dinosaurs, Elf 4 or Warlock 3 production (Warlock does not have 3 except for ONE certain mission), casting slip spells, magic dinosaurs, and receiving food rewards.

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