Cavemen, mages and dinos!

Units lined up by health

Spot two mistakes

The units of Jurassic War can be grouped into these main categories:

¤Builders and Capturers

These vary in stat points, abilities and movement speed, which you can change to an extent, and attack speed, which is fixed:

Mushroom and Weed  = 6 attacks per 1 second
Animals and Dinosaurs(w/o dilophosauruses) = 1 attack per 1 second
Primitives (any weapon) and spellcasters = 1 attack per 1.3 seconds
Dilophosauruses = 1 attack per 2.3 seconds, can hit 7 units

(measured with normal speed. On fastest it is three times faster)

Experience, levels, or +1’s are calculated based on total stat points of a fallen enemy.
It means that Magicians generally give more xp, because they have one extra stat – MP.
Similarly Rhamphorhynchuses and neutral animals with high VP provide more xp than their combat prowess would hint. For example, Tigers are worth more points than Rhinos!

Time is relative!
Train times are arbitrary, not really connected to price, HP or stats overall.
I measured them on fastest with a timer in hand, then had the tests redone on a captured screen video with OBS Studio on normal speed. Even then the results vary bo ~0.02s, so are not 10000% accurate, and multiplying fastest times by 3 doesn’t really produce the normal times perfectly… So I rounded them up! Sue me!
Normal speed train duration is in (brackets).


Units’ stats are dependent on the difficulty setting, but for some reason, only starting units are changed – the ones present on the map from the beginning. Trained units and respawned neutral units have normal difficulty stats.

Your starting units enjoy +15 to all stats (even MP)
Enemy and neutral starting units have a -10 to HP, OP and DP

Stats are the same for starting and subsequent units.
They equal the ones in the tables on this site.

All your units have normal difficulty stats.
Enemy and neutral starting units get a +15 bonus.

 Barracks units

The main advantage of humans trained in barracks is their ability to wield weapons and shields. The main disadvantage is that they are really lackluster without them.
They take more damage from Sword attacks. Celestial Sword, Moonlight Sword and Axe of Darkness are great against these units. The Celestial Sword is the deadliest.

I call these troops Primitive Men or Cavemen occasionally.

P1_CommonerCommoner | 500 food
2,66 seconds to train on fastest
(8s to train on normal speed)
30 HP
20 OP
30 DP
0 MP
20 VP

A basic unit available to every tribe. Very weak, but cheap and trained in a few seconds. Like pawns in chess, they can become one of the strongest if equipped with items and trained.
Commoners have some hidden disadvantages though. They take bonus damage from almost every weapon and the Rangers’ attack. Their default training is also skewed towards DP and VP, which makes their evolution into one of the other units harder if left unchanged.
To advance they need to have 70 points in either HP (for a Muscle-Man) or OP (for a Warrior). It seems that the latter would be harder, because of ten more points to gain, but training offense is generally faster, as you kill stuff quicker. Default training produces Muscle-Men, because HP exp simply comes before OP.
Called „Footman” in the demo version.

Muscle-ManMuscle-Man | 1200 food
6,5s (19,5s) to train
70 HP
35 OP
70 DP
0 MP
30 VP

Muscle-Men are available in Kumba’s and Radumba’s Barracks. They have more HP and DP and so make good tanks. They are useful against the Muspel to soak up magic damage with their health pool. Leave Commoners to train on their own and eventually they’ll evolve into Muscle-men. They still take increased damage from Ranger attacks though.
A Muscle-Man wins a 1 on 1 fight against a Warrior.
Called „Hercules” in the demo version.

WarriorWarrior | 1000 food
5,3s (16s) to train
50 HP
70 OP
35 DP
0 MP
40 VP

Warriors are available to the Masai, the Radumba, later also to the Koaka and in some missions to the Romek and the Canus. Any tribe can level up OP in Commoners to get Warriors, but these clans can train them in barracks.
They have more OP and VP, so they make excellent ranged fighters. They are better tanks against Rangers, even compared to Muscle-men. They just ignore the bonus damage. Handy for the Masai, and well, default Radumba strategy is to mass poison bows anyway so Warriors are most often chosen.
A group of Warriors wins against a group of Muscle-Men.
Called „Fighter” in the demo version.


The best things about dinosaurs is that they are very cool. The other is highest attack speed, high base stats and some unique abilities. They are expensive though, take a long time to train, only have two levels and cannot use weapons. Unless you utilise a trick.
Generally, compared to primitive men with weapons and spellcasters with mana, dinos are weak. They can soak damage and quickly attack, but lack any kind of stun, heal (other than food or stolen snacks), meaningful leveling up or tactical adaptation skills. It is easy to play with them to their maximum potential, but that potential is so low that it is hard to win solely with them.
All dinos are vulnerable to spears and Ranger attacks.


level I 1400 food
7,7s (23s) to train
level II 1900 food
10,3s (31s) to train
80 HP 120 HP
50 OP 80 OP
80 DP 110 DP
0 MP 0 MP
90 VP 140 VP

Velociraptor is the first dino of the Tyrano tribe. A great all around unit, high DP and VP enables them to be perfect early scouts.
Very good balance of stats, highest DP of all the trainable dinos and second place for all the other stats, and to top it all it’s the cheapest and fastest to train dinosaur. And you get him soon, in the second mission (level II in 6th mission). They make early game for the Tyrano a piece of cake.
They take some bonus damage from Fire Arrows and Ranger attacks.


level I 2100 food
11,41s (34,23s) to train
level II 3000 food
13,7s (41s) to train
130 HP 170 HP
70 OP 100 OP
60 DP 90 DP
0 MP 0 MP
50 VP 100 VP

Triceratops is the second dino of the Tyrano tribe. One of the most expensive and slow to train units, trained in the most expensive training facility. Huge amounts of health and attack, plus decent speed make them a great asset though. Especially useful against harmful magic due to a fat health bar.
In addition to spear and Ranger attacks weakness, they are vulnerable to Swords and resistant to Fire Arrows.
Somewhat resistant to the Celestial Sword, but weaker against the Hammer of Darkness.


level I 1900 food
10,5s (31,1s)
level II 2500 food
13,7s (41,1s)
50 HP 90 HP
50 OP 80 OP
40 DP 70 DP
0 MP 0 MP
50 VP 100 VP

Dilophosaurus is the third dino of the Tyrano tribe. His attack penetrates shields and has an AOE range of max seven targets. It is the slowest attack in the game though, and Dilo stats are very weak, even on level II. In a composite army he is a hazard, because his breath can harm allies, even other Dilophosauruses.
If their attack had a stun chance (like similarly colored Poison Bows) or a damage-over-time effect (like similarly cloudy Warlock spell), or even a faster attack speed, bigger area of effect, less friendly fire, or if the dino had some higher stats, it would be a passable unit. As for now, it is trash.
Their OP is „second best” after Trices, but the slow attack speed counters it.
Particularly vulnerable to Fire Arrows. Maybe their gas attack is flammable? I see potential for an upgrade…
Somewhat resistant to Boomerangs, Hammer of Darkness and Moonlight Sword compared to other dinos.
Ranger attack weakness and double damage from Elves!

Dilophosaurus range

Their breath range. The unit in the middle of the cloud gets more damage. The one that is specifically targeted gets less. Why? Dunno.


level I 1800 food
10s (29,25s)
level II 2300 food
12,75s (37,3s)
50 HP 90 HP
30 OP 60 OP
40 DP 70 DP
0 MP 0 MP
120 VP 170 VP

Rhamphorhynchus is the first dino of the Koaka tribe. The only flying unit. Huge sight radius and speed thanks to highest VP, so they are best utilised for scouting. Not better than a fully trained Ranger, but you get a Rampho relatively earlier, and that’s when scouting counts. They can pick up items and leave them on water or trees. They can also hover over ground fighters, doubling the number of melee attackers.
rhampsoshadowTheir sprite has a small circle of shadow on the tile below. It doesn’t mean that the Rhamphorynch is over that tile. Their sight, enemy range and picking up of items is done by their, uh, „body”.
They are immune to Poison Cloud spell. And Group Healing spell, unless targeted. They are decimated by Ranger attacks, all kinds of Arrows, Boomerang and Spear attacks. Hauntingly fragile, watch out.
Very Sword-resistant though. Unless it’s a Celestial Sword. It is the deadliest weapon against them.


level I 1800 food
10s (29,25s)
level II 2300 food
12,75s (37,3s)
45 HP 85 HP
40 OP 70 OP
60 DP 90 DP
0 MP 0 MP
60 VP 110 VP

Carnotaurus is the second and last dino of the Koaka tribe. It has less HP than Rhamphos! Overall, it is a more expensive and weaker Velociraptor. The level II Carno is almost like a level I Veloci! And you get him much later! And also has a glitchy green necktie on death. Nevertheless it is needed by the Koaka to get some muscle.
Perhaps he has a hidden edge against something, maybe other dinos, but I couldn’t find one consistently.
In reality Carnotauruses were towering, almost approaching T-Rex height monsters, while Velocis and Stauris were more dog-sized. Maybe these are young Carnos, with all this youth theme of Koaka.
Has the same second place in DP as Trices.
They share resistances with Velocis.


Each has four spells and one legendary item.
More info on spellcasters in the spells guide!

WizardWizard of Muspel
Has the highest HP of all mages.

level I 1000 food
5,6s (15,5s)
level II 1500 food
8,2s (24,25s)
level III 2300 food
12,5s (38s)
45 HP 65 HP 75 HP
25 OP 45 OP 50 OP
25 DP 45 DP 50 DP
30 MP 50 MP 70 MP
30 VP 40 VP 50 VP

WarlockWarlock of Muspel
Level III available only in the 11th Muspel (and curiously, Masai) mission.
High VP helps with hunting, but only his basic attack and Poison Cloud range are affected.

level I 2000 food
11,15s (33s)
level II 3000 food
14s (41s)
level III 3750 food
14s (41s)
40 HP 60 HP 70 HP
25 OP 45 OP 50 OP
25 DP 45 DP 50 DP
30 MP 50 MP 70 MP
40 VP 50 VP 60 VP

ElfElf of Canus
Low stats, but cheap and fast to train.
There is a hidden level IV accessible by the fast-hands trick.

level I 900 food
5s (14,25s)
level II 1300 food
7,25s (21,15s)
level III 1700 food
9,5s (28s)
level IV 2300 food
12,5s (38s)
35 HP 55 HP 60 HP 65 HP
25 OP 35 OP 45 OP 50 OP
25 DP 35 DP 45 DP 50 DP
30 MP 50 MP 70 MP 90 MP
30 VP 40 VP 50 VP 60 VP

RangerRanger of Romek
Highest VP of all mages.
Only two levels, but the second one has comparably high stats.

level I 900 food
5s (14,25s)
level II 1400 food
7,75s (23s)
40 HP 60 HP
25 OP 45 OP
25 DP 45 DP
30 MP 70 MP
70 VP 90 VP

Builders and Capturers

Both backpackers take additional damage from almost every weapon (Fire and Poison Arrows excluded), same as Commoners do.
They receive normal damage from magical attacks though (Commoners take more from Rangers).

BuilderBuilder | 1000-5000 food | (various build times)
20 HP
10 OP
10 DP
0 MP
10 VP

A unit with a single skill that makes him disappear forever. He leaves all his belongings on the ground when doing so, and a construction site appears. Very weak stats and nonexistent sight range. The AI uses them to replace demolished buildings.

CapturerCapturer | 2000 food | 14s (41s)
20 HP
10 OP
10 DP
0 MP
10 VP

An expendable unit, captures enemy structures. He disappears along with everything in his inventory, so watch out. Capturing doesn’t aggro enemies, but the captured building itself can. You gain food from captured storages. The AI doesn’t use Capturers.


Keep in mind that neutral animals have a higher attack speed than cavemen and spellcasters, and simple stat comparison may be a fatal mistake.

The initial neutrals on the map may have altered stats. A Stauricosaurus can have more HP than a T-Rex and hold powerful artifacts as a reward for besting it. Furthermore, fresh neutral units (and enemy tribesmen for that matter) have stats dependant on game difficulty. On hard, they are higher by 15, and lower by 10 on easy.
(On easy, your starting units have stats higher by 15 as an added bonus)
Subsequent spawns have normal, medium difficulty stats:

CurCur | 150 food as loot
18 HP
20 OP
20 DP
0 MP
80 VP

Stone axe weakness
Warlock attack weakness

LeopardLeopard | 200 food as loot
22 HP
24 OP
24 DP
0 MP
100 VP

Stone axe weakness
Warlock attack weakness

TigerTiger | 350 food as loot
50 HP
50 OP
40 DP
0 MP
120 VP

Stone axe weakness
Sword weakness (almost as big bonus as axe)
Warlock attack weakness

RhinoMusso (Korean for rhino) | 400 food as loot
70 HP
50 OP
45 DP
0 MP
70 VP

Some spear and sword weakness
Warlock attack weakness
Sturdier than a Tiger, but due to much less VP, Rhinos give fewer experience points.

MammothMammoth | 700 food as loot
80 HP
55 OP
40 DP
0 MP
120 VP

Spear weakness
Warlock attack weakness

StauricosaurusStauricosaurus | 2000 food as loot
120 HP
70 OP
80 DP
0 MP
140 VP

Spear weakness
Ranger attack weakness

CentrosaurusCentrosaurus | 2500 food as loot
150 HP
80 OP
100 DP
0 MP
150 VP

Spear weakness
Ranger attack weakness

TyrannosaurusTyrannosaurus | 3800 food as loot | 800 to train/1000 in inventory | 5s (13s)
(You can train this unit with a trick)
200 HP
150 OP
150 DP
0 MP
200 VP

Spear weakness
Ranger attack weakness

BRACHIOBrachiosaurus | 950 food as loot | 800 to train | 5s (13s)
(This is a hidden unit accessible in similar fashion)
250 HP
100 OP
120 DP
0 MP
120 VP

Spear weakness
Invisible to players!
Ranger attack weakness

ToadstoolsShrooms | range 3
15 HP
10 OP
10 DP
0 MP
0 VP

Stone axe weakness
Elf attack weakness

WeedWeed | range 4
40 HP
15 OP
15 DP
0 MP
0 VP

Stone axe weakness
Elf attack weakness

• Despite the logical explanation, Poisonous Mushrooms and Noxious Weeds can target one unit at once. Neither DP nor shields protect against them.
• Any items you put in them never drop, so be careful.
• When they kill something, they gain HP exp and it stays after their death and respawn! It is possible to „train” these neutral units to have ridiculous amounts of health. The hitpoint bar can even wrap around the freaking minimap and appear on the other side, not to mention being so fat that it extends to the next tile.
• They can be safely attacked with ranged weapons from a diagonal angle, but Stone Axe, Celestial Sword and Elf attacks deal bonus damage to them too.

Healthy plant

Sacrifice is the only way to have a formidable base defense „structure”.


The range of Noxious Weed is considerable. Consider attacking from a diagonal angle, it effectively halves its range!


There are no defensive structures of any kind in Jurassic War.
Every building is either a training facility, a shop or a bank. Walling in is possible, but expensive, and with very limited payoff. It could work if you have frail, ranged units, but the money would be better spent on… more units.

• The more HP a building has, the longer it takes to construct.
• Most Builders (and the Capturer) are trained in 14 seconds on fastest speed. Barracks constructor is slightly faster, at 11.13 seconds, and the Food-Storage worker is ready in just 5.75 seconds.
• Buildings regenerate.
You can speed up the process with Elven magic.
• Buildings can be frozen, it stops their functionality.
• All constructions can be captured by a Capturer unit.
One is enough, but the AI doesn’t use them.
• Buildings take additional damage from the Mace of Darkness, Fire Arrows, Stone Axes, Wizards, and to a lesser extent, Warlocks.

Buildings are made in the~

Sanctuaries of each Tribe

5000 food
255 HP
14s builder train time | 14s build time

The main building of a tribe. Here, Builders and Capturers are trained.
The only building you cannot group-select with shift.
Sanctuaries are very vulnerable to Stone Axes.
Named „Castle” in the demo version.

2000 food
200 HP
11s builder train time | 11s build time

Commoners, Muscle-Men and Warriors can be trained here. If your tribe allows it.
The AI overrides it and can train them all, treating the clan constraints more like a „suggestion”.

3500 food
230 HP
14s builder train time | 12,75s build time

There are two sprites for Armories, but they have the same price and HP.
The items for sale vary across maps and tribes, usually having less variety in the early stages and coalescing into the „usual” in the second half of campaigns.
Visit the items section for an in-depth guide.

1000 food
160 HP
5,75s builder train time | 9s build time

The bank. Looks the same for every tribe, with only the color of its ornament changed.
It has no max limit of food, but units need to travel to it to deposit hunted food, so additional Storages are useful.
The flimsiest of buildings, but is up the fastest.

Storage Hut being constructedNo idea what it is exactly. Is it an IKEA-style DIY mobile cave? Made from solid stone? Is it a petrified wood stump, covered in animal skins? Is it a tent made of leather? A stone hut with a tiled or thatched roof?

In single-player, you need a Food-Storage to actually see the amount of stored food.
Losing one makes you lose 16% of total food and spawns some food on the ground.
The math on it is a bit off, so you can actually make a profit by razing your own Storages and rebuilding them.
You retain some food even if all storages are gone.

Special training facilitiesSpecial Unit Training
2500-3500 food
180-240 HP
various build times

A place to train your tribe-specific unique units. Mages and Dinos.
One building type can train only one type of unit, albeit with incremental stat levels.
Tribes with armories lack these, as their units are trained in the Barracks.

Most Special Training buildings cost 2500 food.
Carnotaurus and Dilophosaurus Training cost 3000 food.
Triceratops Training costs a hefty 3500 food.

Elf Training has 180 HP, takes 10s to build
Wizard, Warlock, Ranger and Dilophosaurus Trainings have 190 HP each, and take 10,57s to build
Rhamphorhynchus Training has 200 HP, takes 11,11s to build (same as Barracks)
Carnotaurus Training has 210 HP, takes 11,65s to build
Velociraptor Training has 220 HP, takes 12,17s to build
Triceratops Training has 240 HP, takes 13,45s to build

Dolmen ChilloutDolmen

A monument of unknown purpose. These megaliths dot the landscape offering those who wander nearby a shade to rest, away from the Jurassic sun.


An ambient marvel of engineering left by ancient tribes to traverse the troubled waters freely. Indestructible and eternal.

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