The legend of the Jurassic Island.

Long long time ago, the earth went to a chaotic state when the Ice Era was ending. Earthquakes, lightning and volcanoes had taken place on the land and sea-quakes and storms had shaken the sea.

 After a while with the condition, a huge island came up from the bottom of the sea and a new organic body was born in this island by lightning and cell-division. It was the revival of the dinosaur that people thought it had died out.

 Hundreds of years later people began to call the island located in the far southern sea the Jurassic Island, and call the story related to this as
the legend of the Jurassic Island.

There were eight tribes who arrived on the island…

Map timelineTyranoKoakaMasaiMuspelKumbaCanusRadumbaRomek

Welcome to the Jurassic Island. Also known as the Dream Island, because it was like a dream for the first arrivals, driven from their homes by wars and calamities. It is also like a dream to me and many others who wish to escape the hardships of life and vanish into the jungle with a trusty tamed velociraptor, wielding weapons left by forgotten gods and uncovering the magical secrets of the land.

The best thing about this game is its mystery. The constant poking of your imagination to fill the holes left by pixel graphics, sloppy writing and caveman grunts. It perplexed people to the point they made an animated series – the first Korean animation based on a computer game.

If you want to learn more, heat up google translate and search for the Korean name of Jurassic War:
쥬라기 원시전 1

ВОЙНА ЮРСКОГО ПЕРИОДА for the Russian version (there is a following)

…or you know, explore the site :)
Good hunting!

Some lore snippets

The Romek mission briefings hint at twelve ancient tribes that lived on the Jurassic Island in peace. They vanished long before Jurassic War takes place, and the powerful Legendary Weapons are said to be the only thing left behind. That, and the plentiful megaliths and massive bridges.

Muspel briefings have some info on the Jurassic Gods. Ether, the god of light banished Perox, the god of darkness to walk the earth as an old wizard. Legendary Weapons shed some light (or moonlight) on this, as they often have suffixes „of Moonlight”, „of Darkness” or prefixes „Celestial”, or „Sun”. Radumba’s weapon hints at another god altogether, the Volcano God.
The manual has lines about Odin, the all-father, ruling over other gods.
There are demons and angels in the sequel, so the conflict of light and darkness continues.


…the SEQUEL from 2001…

…and the elusive ANIMATION!

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